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Periodontal Disease, or “gum disease”, is chronic infection of the tissues, bone, and ligaments supporting teeth. Undiagnosed or untreated Periodontal Disease can lead to premature tooth loss. Medical conditions, diet, genetics, and oral hygiene are major contributors to Periodontal Disease. Plaque is a sticky, colorless material containing bacteria which adheres to teeth. If not cleaned by daily brushing/flossing and regular professional cleanings, the plaque accumulates and hardens into Calculus. Too hard for a toothbrush, Calculus (“tartar”) can only be removed professionally. The bacteria in the plaque and calculus digest and break down the sugars in your diet producing toxins that break down tooth and gum structure. If left untreated, the calculus accumulates and damages the teeth and gums.

Types of Periodontal Therapy are as follows:

Prophylaxis – Our professional hygienist performs maintenance cleanings, called a Prophylaxis, done every 6 months with a regular check-up. These will serve to keep the surfaces of your teeth clean and smooth while also keeping the gums healthy.

Gross Debridement – This is the removal of large deposits that prevent proper examination and measurement. A Fine Scaling will follow. Then a patient can be cleaned during their regular Prophylaxis in a 6 month Recare Program will follow.

Scaling & Root Planing – This is a deep cleaning required for heavy deposits that have accumulated below the gumline in periodontal pockets deeper than 3 mm. This requires special instruments and often local anesthesia to ensure a thorough cleaning while always maintaining patient comfort. This is generally treated and charged by the area, or quadrant, depending upon the severity. Less severe cases require less time and carry a corresponding lower fee.


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